Chairman’s Message


We ended the year 2018-19 with remarkable accomplishment in renewable energy projects, transmission line project and power procurement for Indian Railways (IR). It is a matter of great satisfaction that REMCL is progressing steadily maintaining a reasonable growth and has achieved a place of pride amongst public sector fraternity.



In line with the vision of transforming “Indian Railways” into “Green Railways”, Indian Railways is planning to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels & the need of decarbonisation by implementing solar & wind power projects.


REMCL has played a pivotal role as an implementing agency for harnessing solar energy & wind energy and has successfully awarded about 150 MW solar roof top projects through developer mode.


REMCL has also successfully commissioned wind power plant of 26 MW at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, 10.5 MW wind project for Southern Railway, Tamilnadu, and also facilitated procurement of about 50  MW wind power in Maharashtra through tariff based competitive bidding.

REMCL has also planned migration of IR from consumer to deemed licensee. So far about 65 % of the total power of Railway Traction load is being availed under open access as licensee resulting into substantial saving in Energy bill of IR.

REMCL is also facilitating Indian Railways in direct connectivity of Railways Traction system with the Central Grid on Golden Quadrilateral route of 8000 RKM, Survey work for the same is in the pipeline.

REMCL has been awarded the “Excellent” MoU rating by Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) for the FY 2017-18. Further, the company has been progressing on the path of growth and excellence.

In the end, I again appreciate the tireless efforts made by employees of REMCL as a result of which we have set new milestones of performance during the year 2019-20.



Chairman REMCL