During the year 2017-18, for the first time corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects/ activities have been taken up by the Company for setting up of 16KWp SPV power plants at roof top of Platform No.1, Sahibabad Railway Station, Ghaziabad without base sheet. Since, the company was not getting covered under any of the threshold limit prescribed under section 135(1) of Companies Act, 2013 relating to CSR activities up to the financial year 2016-17. Being the first year, an amount of ` 16.07 lakh had been spent on CSR activities during the year 2017-18 against the total amount of ` 22.46 lakh (i.e. 2% of average profit for the last three years) and balance amount of ` 6.39 lakh remains unspent due to non-availability of eligible project in hand.
The unspent amount will be utilised on CSR activities in the next financial year 2018-19. Detailed report on CSR has been placed at Annexure- V The Board of Directors in their meeting held on 23/07/2018 constituted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)committee, comprised of Shri Shalabh Goel, Director of the company as Chairman and Shri Anil Ghai, Director of the company as member as per the Ministry of CorporateAffairs notification dt. 3/01/2018 under the companies (amendment) Act,2017.