Indian Railways is a bulk consumer of electricity, it pays extremely high charges for traction power. To improve Indian Railways financial viability, reversing fuel bill trend was an important goal, as it constituted about 30% of ordinary working expenses. In this regard, REMCL is facilitating cost efficiencies in the energy management for Railways through economic power procurement, exploring business opportunities in Green Energy (Wind & Solar), power trading with power exchanges & other related consultancies etc.

Our Systematic and focused approach has allowed us to innovate and adopt new technologies that go by the requirements of reducing financial burdens of Indian Railways.

Our broad-based segmentation includes following types of services:

  • Economic Power Procurement & Planning for Indian Railways
  • Regulatory Assistance to IR
  • Renewable Energy Planning & Execution
  • Transmission line planning &Management
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Training and Capacity Building of IR
  1. Economic Power Procurement & Planning for Indian Railways:

Your Company is managing electrical energy portfolio of IR by economic power procurement through long term PPAs and Bilateral collective transaction through Energy Exchanges.

Total traction power requirement of IR is about 2000 MW out of which about 1437 MW power has been tied up by REMCL as Deemed Licensee in 13 entities through open access.

Modes of Power Procurement:

  1. Power procurement through competitive bidding:

REMCL is doing power procumbent for Indian Railways based on Ministry of power (MOP) tariff based competitive guidelines. REMCL is finalizing the PPA advising ZR for implementation.

  1. Power Allocation by MOP:-

MOP allocated 500 MW at RGPPL and 250 MW at BRBCL. REMCL is assisting Indian Railways for scheduling and forecasting for this allocation.

  1. Energy Exchange:

Indian Railways has also initiated procurement of energy through collective transaction by bidding of power through trader on energy exchange.

  1. Power supply by setting up renewable energy plants by REMCL:

Procurement of power through captive power plant of REMCL at 26 MW wind mill plant at Jiaselmer, 50.4 MW plant at Maharashtra.

  1. Regulatory Assistance to Indian Railways:

Providing Support to Railways in contesting Railway Status as licensee and other regulatory matters in power sector before SERC, CERC, APTEL, High Courts and other Courts.

  1. Renewable Energy Planning & Execution

Your company is managing Renewable energy spectrum for sustaining the growth and reducing the carbon footprints with further economizing the cost of power for Indian Railways.

Modes of Renewable Energy implementation:

a. Solar Roof –Top & Ground Mounted projects through tariff based competitive bidding:

REMCL is assisted Indian Railways by implementing the solar projects based on MOP tariff based competitive bidding guidelines. REMCL is finalizing the PPA advising ZR/NR for further implementation. As of now, 248 MW of roof top projects & 52 MW of Ground mounted projects has been successfully awarded.  1 GW of solar ground mounted projects are under implementation stage.

b. Wind power projects through Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) & tariff based bidding:

Projects implemented based on MOP tariff based competitive guidelines for wind projects. As of now total 93 MW of wind projects commissioned successfully for IR.

c. Hybrid (Wind & Solar) Projects through tariff based bidding:

One of the innovative approach of REMCL which is based on MOP tariff based competitive bidding guidelines for hybrid projects. Road map for the same is under planning and discussion stage at Railway Board.


  1. Transmission line planning & Management:

Focusing on a long term perspective to improvise reliability of power, there is a need to have a dedicated transmission line network for Railways. The dedicated transmission network will provide reliable power at a reasonable cost. With this objective Indian Railways will develop an integrated transmission network to feed electrical energy to its TSSs for traction purpose. Keeping in line with this objective, necessary ground work has been completed and direct connectivity with the CTU network is being established in a phased manner. In the first phase a consultancy assignments for Feasibility Report in Mughalsrai-Howrah and Mathura-Bharuch routes were awarded by by REMCL.

  1. Energy Efficiency Projects:

Energy efficiency is an emerging field as it is one of the most efficient and reliable means of mitigating global climate change. REMCL  is in discussion with the Bureau of Energy efficiency (BEE) and Railway Board, Ministry of Railway and has  taken-up “Study for Energy Efficiency in 5 major production units (PUs) of Indian Railways through perform, achieve and trade (PAT) scheme."

  1. Training and Capacity Building of IR:

The concept of Procurement of power is completely new for Railway entities. Hence, to inculcate the knowledge towards the planning and implementation among all Zonal Railways and IR professional, REMCL is organizing various training sessions and capacity building programs on regular basis.

Successfully organized seminar on “Capacity building program for procurement of power by Zonal Railways as Deemed Licensee”

  1. For North Western Railway in Jaipur 06.06.2019.
  2. For Central Railway in Mumbai 16.10.2019.
  3. For Eastern Railway in Kolkata on 13.12.2019.
  4. For Northern Railway in Delhi 17.12.2019.